We welcome you to our site of nature photography.  The images represented here have been captured over the past eight to ten years, but most have been created within the past three years.  We have arranged the galleries as slide shows.  If you prefer to observe and study each image individually you may do so and advance each image manually.  The slide presentation has been expanded to approximately 20 seconds per image, and background music has been added in an attempt to encourage the viewer to take the time necessary to study each image separately.

            The main intention of the site, obviously, is to direct my images to further public view.  But I have another goal, and that is to learn from viewers how the image affects them.  Is the image realistic; is the experience enjoyable; does the presentation of the image open your mind to an appreciation of our natural world?  Is the photograph in front of you an experience of learning and appreciation?

            In order to add a comment, just click the “Comment” button in the upper right hand corner of the page containing the image.  Note that you can indicate if you wish to share your comment with other viewers or with the photographer alone.

            I encourage comments, both about my work as a photographer, but also concerning your overall judgment of the individual images or the portfolio in total.

            Thank you for joining us.  Come back and visit often.  New images and galleries will be added on a regular basis.